Variant Experiments 2

Variant Experiments

Try any combination of ideas with variant experiments

Create and test different versions of your website to continuously discover the best performing versions that improve your conversions.

Make effective decisions

Run tests on segments of your traffic and apply only the changes that work. Deploy winning experiences. Increase conversion, retention, and lifetime value.

Run multiple tests at the same time

Run multiple tests on your page with exclusive traffic allocation to each of them so your test results have no interference from each other.

Customize your tests

Run tests based on visitor’s on-site behavior including click on an element, time spent on page, page scroll and exit intent.

Make quick changes with the easy editor

Modify content in minutes and run tests without the need for a developer. Select any content element and publish changes directly to your website on the fly.

No more getting bogged down with endless settings and confusing interfaces. The simple visual editor allows you to test faster and figure out the best converting combination.

Visual EditorVisual Editor Changes

Test your experiments with goals

Begin variant experiments by connecting your tests to your defined goals so you can see later whether the actual experiment results were in line with your expectations.

Variant Goals

An All-in-one solution – packed with powerful features.

An All-in-one solution – packed with powerful features.

Easy Installation
Installation is quick and simple using one script with support for tag managers and hundreds of platforms.
Unlimited team members
We have no user limits on any plan. Invite all your team and clients at no added cost!
Multi-device support
All our features track and work on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet versions of your website.
Ready Localized
Ready localized
Feedback tools come ready localized in over 40 languages.
Export & share
Export responses you collect in CSV or XLSX format. Share data with your team and clients.
Block IP
Block IPs
Exclude tracking yourself, your team or your clients in Darwin by blocking their IPs.

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