Session Replay

Watch user interaction, improve your product and conversion rate

Find fields for improvement and solve issues more effectively. Darwin helps you analyze to increase conversion rate and revenue.

Interactive visual player

The Darwin interactive player offers a host of features that let you go through visitor behavior at your own pace.

Mouse trails and clicks

Darwin records actual mouse movements as visitors move across pages on your website. You can also see where they clicked and how often they moved up and down on a page.

Add observations

See a visitor confused filling up one of your forms? Add an observation right at the stage where the visitor got confused, and Darwin will save it with the same time-stamp.

Adjustable speed

Perform fast-forward to see how hundreds of people sign up or go slow and focus on every mouse movement and click.

Skip user pauses

Skip the time frame during which visitors didn’t perform any action.

Be performance-driven

Darwin takes care of your data security and also ensures that recording behavior doesn’t impact the experience of your website.

Data security

By default, Darwin anonymizes data so no confidential information of your users is saved with us. You can also choose to exclude sensitive pages from Darwin tracking.


At Darwin, we ensure that while recording behavioral data of your visitors, we don’t slow down your website or impact the visitor experience in any way.

An All-in-one solution – packed with powerful features.

An All-in-one solution – packed with powerful features.

Easy Installation
Installation is quick and simple using one script with support for tag managers and hundreds of platforms.
Unlimited team members
We have no user limits on any plan. Invite all your team and clients at no added cost!
Multi-device support
All our features track and work on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet versions of your website.
Ready Localized
Ready localized
Feedback tools come ready localized in over 40 languages.
Export & share
Export responses you collect in CSV or XLSX format. Share data with your team and clients.
Block IP
Block IPs
Exclude tracking yourself, your team or your clients in Darwin by blocking their IPs.

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