Darwin Analytics and Webflow Step-by-step Installation Guide

Install on Webflow

Before You Start

To add the Darwin tracking code to your Webflow website you need a paid site plan. This is because Darwin is installed as "custom code" which is enabled once you upgrade.

Get Tracking Code

Login to Darwin's Dashboard and visit "Tracking Code" in the navigation.

Tracking Code

Copy the tracking code HTML that you'll find there.

Copy Tracking Code

Visit Webflow Dashboard

Login to Webflow, click on the Webflow icon in the top left and go to "Project Settings".

Project Settings

Add Custom Code

Click on "Custom Code"

Custom Code

Add the Darwin tracking code to the "Head Code" textbox and save changes.

Add Tracking Code

Publish Changes

Click "Publish" on your project settings, select the domain for the site listed in Darwin and click "Publish to Selected Domains".


Verify Installation.

Once you've saved your changes, you can verify your install on the Darwin dashboard.

Verify Tracking Code