Darwin Analytics and Shopify Step-by-step Installation Guide

Install on Shopify

Before You Start

The Darwin tracking code can be installed on your Shopify theme but you can only track your Storefront and the "Order Confirmation" page because Shopify's default checkout pages block third-party scripts.

Get Tracking Code

Login to Darwin's Dashboard and visit "Tracking Code" in the navigation.

Tracking Code

Copy the tracking code HTML that you'll find there.

Copy Tracking Code

Visit Shopify Dashboard

Login to Shopify and go to "Online Store > Themes" on the navigation.

Online Store > Themes

Add Custom Code

Click on the "Actions" dropdown of your theme and select "Edit Code".

Edit Code

Under the "Layout" section, select "theme.liquid" file.


Scroll down the page until you find the following tag: </head>.

Some themes will use {/head}, [/header], or other variations of [/head]. These will work the same way.

Find Tag

Add the tracking code in this file before </head> closing tag and save changes.

Paste Tracking Code

Click "Save and Publish" your theme to apply the changes.

The Darwin tracking code should now be installed on your Storefront.

Track Order Confirmations

If you want to track order confirmations, you will need to install the tracking code in another section.

Click "Settings" on the navigation.


Click on "Checkout" link.


Scroll down until you reach the "Additional Scripts" field and add tracking code.

Add Tracking Code

Verify Installation.

Once you've saved your changes, you can verify your install on the Darwin dashboard.

Verify Tracking Code