Darwin Analytics and Joomla Step-by-step Installation Guide

Install on Joomla

Before You Start

This guide was written for Joomla 3.9.27 Stable, using the Protostar theme. If you notice anything different from this guide when you are in your Joomla admin panel, let us know on the support page.

Get Tracking Code

Login to Darwin's Dashboard and visit "Tracking Code" in the navigation.

Tracking Code

Copy the tracking code HTML that you'll find there.

Copy Tracking Code

Visit Joomla Admin Panel

Login to the Joomla admin panel and go to "Extensions > Templates > Templates".


Add Tracking Code

Click on the title of the template your site is using.

Current Template

Locate and open the file that contains the <head> tag, usually the index.php file.

The <head> tag might be in a different file other than index.php in your theme. If in doubt, consult the documentation of your theme, or contact the theme creator.


Add the tracking code in this file before </head> closing tag and save changes.

Add Tracking Code

Verify Installation.

Once you've saved your changes, you can verify your install on the Darwin dashboard.

Verify Tracking Code