Install Guides

Install Guides

Darwin is installed via a typical JavaScript snippet that should be added to your app or site's HTML code. However, providers have different ways of doing this so here we provide some helpful guides for popular providers.

Platform Specific Guides

If you are using one of the below platforms, we recommend referring to the installation guide for step-by-step instructions.

Installation Guides

Don't see something you need on this list? Please let us know.

Get Darwin Tracking Code and Install Manually

If you prefer to install the Tracking Code manually, or if your specific platform is not listed above, follow the instructions below.

Get Tracking Code

Login to Darwin's Dashboard and select the site you want to track in the navigation dropdown.

Select Site

Once your site is selected, visit "Tracking Code" in the navigation.

Tracking Code

Copy the tracking code HTML that you'll find there.

Copy Tracking Code

Add Tracking Code

Add the tracking code in the <head> section of your website and save changes.

Add Tracking Code

Verify Installation.

Once you've saved your changes, you can verify your install on the Darwin dashboard.

Verify Tracking