Live Heatmap and Visual Analytics

With live heatmaps you can see a realtime, live visualization of clicks and interactions as they happen on your site. Heatmaps are a great way to qualitatively review how people are interacting with your pages.

Before You Start

To use heatmaps, you'll need to make sure you have tracking installed and actively taking data.

Viewing Your Heatmaps

If you're already collecting traffic data, you should be able to see your heatmap by visiting the heatmaps dashboard.

Here you will see an iFrame based browser that loads your site along with a heatmap UI.

Heatmaps Dashboard

Filtering Based on Device or Attribute

To query the interaction data for the heatmap, e.g. clicks, Darwin uses the standard data and attribute filters available throughout all your dashboards.

  • Different Devices: You probably want to see your heatmap as it applies across devices. So on the heatmaps dashboard, there is a special device type selector. When you set this, the heatmap should adapt to match.
  • Clicks based on Attribute Heatmaps use standard filters, so you should be able to set them using the filters panel. Or, if you've set a filter in another dashboard panel that filter should carry over to the heatmaps panel when you navigate to it.

Adding to Custom Dashboards

You can add your heatmaps to custom dashboards. When adding widgets you should see one available for heatmaps.

Add Heatmaps to Custom Dashboard