Darwin Analytics and Google Tag Manager Step-by-step Installation Guide

Install on Google Tag Manager

Before You Start

You must install Google Tag Manager on your website before following the rest of this guide. If you haven't, you can learn how in their setup and install tag manager article.

Get Tracking Code

Login to Darwin's Dashboard and visit "Tracking Code" in the navigation.

Tracking Code

Copy the tracking code HTML that you'll find there.

Copy Tracking Code

Visit Google Tag Manager Dashboard

Login to Google Tag Manager and click on "Add a New Tag" button.

Add New Tag

Add Custom HTML

Click the "Tag Configuration" section

Tag Configuration

Select "Custom HTML" in the tag type list.

Custom HTML

Add the tracking code into the text field.

Tracking Code

Choose a Trigger

Click "Triggering" section.


Select "All Pages" as trigger.

All Pages

Publish Tag

Name the tag and click "Save".

Name Tag and Save

Submit changes.

Submit Changes

Make sure your live environment is selected, and click "Publish".


Verify Installation.

Once you've saved your changes, you can verify your install on the Darwin dashboard.

Verify Tracking Code