Developer API and Specification

Darwin's API is meant to be a comprehensive yet simple way of capturing information about your users and visitors. It is based on's specification and therefore should be compatible for any code meant for Segment with minimal changes.

Darwin's API Structure

There are three parts to Darwin's API specification.

  • The API Methods There are a few different API methods for different purposes. Specifically tracking events, identifying users, and grouping users.
  • Common Data and Standards The standards for data that is attached to events or recommended when doing common tasks like eCommerce tracking.
  • Recommended Tracking Approach This is the events we recommend you track for a particular industry based on our experience. With proper structure, we can map these events to particular features within end destinations like Google Analytics and Facebook Ads.

Installing The Client

The first step to using Darwin's API is to get the client installed on your website via module or tracker global.